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Propamocarb(25606-41-1) 98%TC,72.2%SL
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Propamocarb(25606-41-1) 98%TC,72.2%SL

Molecular Weight: 188.27
Melting Point: 45-55C
Boiling Point: 272.3 C
Flash Point: 118.5 C
CAS No.:25606-41-1
Propamocarb is a systemic fungicide used for control of soil, root and leaf disease caused by oomycetes. It is used by watering or spraying. Propamocarb is absorbed and distributed through the plant's tissue.

Product Name Propamocarb
CAS No. 25606-41-1
Content & Formulations 98%TC,72.2%SL
Physical & Chemical Property  Appearance: Colorless crystals or Liquid and very hygroscopic
Molecular Formula: C9H20N2O2
Structural Formula:

Molecular Weight: 188.27
Solubility: 1005 g/L at pH 7, Soluble at 20 C in acetone 560 g/L, 
methanol >500 g/L, isopropanol >300 g/L, ethyl acetate 23 g/L, 
hexane <0.1 g/L, and toluene <0.1 g/L
Melting Point: 45-55C
Boiling Point: 272.3 C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 118.5 C
Toxicity Data Oral LD50 (Rat): 2000-2900 mg/kg. 
Dermal LD50 (Rabbit) >3, 000 mg/kg. 
Inhatation LC50: (4h) 4 mg/l.
Crops  Disease   Dosage  Method 
Cucumber  Downy mildew 651-1102.5g/ha Spray 
Blight  3.6-5.4g/cm2 Irrigation 


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