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Oxyfluorfen (42874-03-3) 97% TC, 5% EC, 24% EC
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Oxyfluorfen (42874-03-3) 97% TC, 5% EC, 24% EC

Model NO.: 24% EC
Method of Application: Cauline Leaf, Soil Treatment Agent
Cotent: 24% EC
Transport Package: Accorfing Customers Requests
Appearance: Liquid
Usage: Selective HERBICIDE
Active: Oxyfluorfen
Origin: Jiangsu,China

Product Name




Content &   Formulations

97%TC, 5%EC24%EC

Physical &   Chemical Property

Appearance:   Amber liquid

Molecular   Formula: C15H11CIF3NO4

Structural   Formula:


Molecular   Weight:  361.7

Solubility: In   water 0.1 mg/L

Density: 1.35   (73℃)

Melting Point:   84-85 C

Boiling Point:   >240 degree

Flash Point:   98°C

Toxicity Data

Acute Oral LD50   (Rat): > 2,985 mg/kg (female); 4,594 mg/kg (male)

Acute Dermal   LD50 (Rabbit): > 4,000 mg/kg

Acute Inhalation   LC50 (Rat): > 4.8 mg/L (4-hr.)

Eye Irritation   (Rabbit): Severely irritating.

Dermal   Irritation (Rabbit): Moderately irritating.

Dermal   Sensitization: Not a skin sensitize

Transport   Information

Signal   Word:WARNING; Hazard Class:II(Moderately hazardous)

2, 4-D, its salts and esters are systemic herbicides, widely used for the control of broad-leaved weeds such as Plantago, Ranunculus and Veronica spp. In cereals and other crops at 0.28-2.3 kg/a. After dilution, it can be used to control the broad leaf weeds in the fields of barley, wheat, rice, corn, millet and Sorghum, etc.


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