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Formulation: 98%TC, 35% SC, 20% SL/EC
Package: 500ml, 1L bottle, 200L drum
Model: Imidacloprid20%SL
Brand: Biocrop
CAS: 13826-41-3
Trading name: Imidacloprid
Period date: 2 years
Appearance: liquid
Origin: China

Product Name Imidacloprid
CAS No. 13826-41-3
Tech & Formulations 98% TC, 70% WDG, 70% WP, 60% FS, 35% SC, 20% SL/EC, 25% WP
Physical & Chemical Property Appearance: white powder
Molecular Formula: C9H10ClN5O2
Structural Formula:
Molecular Weight: 255.7
Solubility: In water 0.51 g/l (200 degrees C), @ 20 degrees C: dichloromethane - 50.0 - 100.0 g/l; isopropanol - 1.0-2.0 g/l; toluene - 0.5-1.0 g/l; n-hexane - <0.1 g/l; fat - 0.061 g/100g 
Density: Approx. 1.12 g/cm3 at 20C
Melting Point: 144 C (a.i.)
Boiling Point: 442.3 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 88 C
Toxicity Data Acute toxicity
LD50 oral, rat: > 2200 mg/kg
LD50 dermal, rat: > 5000 mg/kg
LC50 inhalation, rat: > 6.3 mg/l, aerosol, 4 h 
Irritation of the skin / rabbit: non-irritant
Irritant to the mucous membranes / rabbit: slight irritant
Transport Information Signal Word:CAUTION; Hazard Class:II(Moderately hazardous)


Systemic insecticide with translaminar activity and with contact and stomach action. Control of sucking insects, including rice-, leaf- and planthoppers, aphids, thrips, whitefly, soil insects, termites and some species of biting insects, such as rice water weevil and Colorado beetle in different crops, e.g. rice, maize, cotton, cereals, sugar beet, potatoes, vegetables, citrus fruit, pome fruit and stone fruit. Also used to controls fleas in dogs and cats.


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