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Hexaconazole (413-050-7) 95%Tech , 50g/l SC
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Hexaconazole (413-050-7) 95%Tech , 50g/l SC

Molecular Formula :C14H17Cl2N3O
Molecula Weight :314.2
Content & Formulations: 95% TC , 50g/l SC
EINECS NO :413-050-7
Appearance :White crystalline solid
Physical Properties :Melting Point: 111°C.
Product Name  Hexaconazole 
Molecular Formula C14H17Cl2N3O
Molecula Weight 314.2
Content & Formulations Hexaconazole  95%Tech , 50g/l SC
EINECS NO 413-050-7
Appearance White crystalline solid
Physical Properties  Melting Point: 111°C.

Vapour Pressure: 0.01mPa (20°C).  
Stability:  Soluble in water 0.018mg/L, in methanol 246g/L, in acetone 164g/L, in toluene 59g/L. Stable for 9 monthes under 40°C.
Application Used to control Grapes powdery mildew and black rot, apple scab, rust coffee.Triazole systemic fungicide with broad spectrum protective, eradicate and curative action. It is a kind of sterol demethylation inihibitor (DMI) to prevent the synthesis of ergosterol in cell membrane, which will cause the death of fungi.

Crops: Lawn, tee tree, vegetable, fruit tree, etc.  
Control: Control of many fungi, particularly Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes, e.g. Podosphaera leucotricha and Venturia inaequalis on apples, Guignardia bidwellii and Uncinula necator on vines, Hemileia vastatrix on coffee, and Cercospora spp. on peanuts, at 15-250 g/ha. Also used on bananas, cucurbits, peppers and other crops.  
Storage Keep in sealed and damp proof place.


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