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Glufosinate Ammonium (77182-82-2) 95%TC, 200g/L SL
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Glufosinate Ammonium (77182-82-2) 95%TC, 200g/L SL

Method of Application: Cauline Leaf Treatment
Composition: Organic
Colour: Light Yellow
Trademark: BIOCROP
Specification: SGS
HS Code: 3808
Appearance: Liquid
Usage: Non-Selective
Specific Conductivity: The Herbicide Transmitting
CAS No.: 77182-82-2

Glufosinate Ammonium is used for control a wide range of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds and grasses in fruit orchards, vineyard, rubber and oil palm plantations, ornamental trees and bushes, non-crop land, and pre-emergence in vegetables

Product Name

Glufosinate   Ammonium



Content &   Formulations

95%TC, 200G/L SL

Physical &   Chemical Property

Appearance:   Bluish-green liquid

Molecular   Formula: C5H15N2O4P

Structural   Formula:

Molecular   Weight: 198.16

Solubility:  Soluble in water 500g/L at 20C, soluble

in acetone   250mg/L, in ethyl acetone 250mg/L,

in methanol   5730g/L, in p-xylene 250mg/L.

Density: Not   applicable

Melting Point:   210°C

Boiling Point:   No data available - but expected to be

approximately   100°C.

Flash Point: 100   °C

Toxicity Data

Acute toxicity,   Oral (Category 4) Reproductive toxicity (Category 1B)

Acute toxicity,   Dermal (Category 4) Acute toxicity, Inhalation (Category 4)

Specific target   organ toxicity - repeated exposure (Category 2)



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