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Gibberellic Acid
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Gibberellic Acid

Formulation: 90%TC, 20% SP, 20% TB, 10% SP
Package: 1kg bag, 500ml, 1L bottle, 200L drum
Model: GA3
Brand: Biocrop
CAS: 77-06-5
Trading name: Gibberellic Acid
Period date: 2 years
Appearance: powder
Origin: China
Product Name Gibberellic Acid
CAS No. 77-06-5
Tech & Formulations 90% TC, 20% SP, 20% TB, 10% SP, 10% TB, 4% EC
Physical & Chemical Property Appearance: White powder
Molecular Formula: C19H22O6
Structural Formula:

Molecular Weight: 313.35
Solubility: In water 2 mg/l (20°C).
Density: 1.258kg/L(20)
Melting Point: 101.6-102.5
Boiling Point: Not applicable
Flash Point: 171.2°C

Gibberellic Acid (GA3) is found naturally in virtually all plant species. It is a highly effective plant hormone, increasing size and quality of fruits, vegetables, and other crops, essential for optimum growth and development.  Gibberellic acid GA3 also plays a role in the regulation of other plant processes such as flowering, seed germination, dormancy, and senescence. Gibberellic acid GA3 is used in vegetables, fruits and other crops to improve crop quality and value.


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