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Pesticide foreign trade sales manager

Job description:
1. Responsible for the development of international customers, to develop overseas market;
2. Establishment of the contract, signing, implementation and follow-up;
3. Strictly control the price, quote prices to customers timely and accurately;
4. Self-improving the product knowledge, English level and business ability, full-time college degree or above;
5. Major in agricultural, chemistry, plant protection, foreign language, international trade.
Job requirements:
1. Familiar with the network and other channels of resource to develop customers; familiar with international trade and related laws and regulations ; relevant experience is preferred;
2. Good English (or Russian, Spanish, Arabic) listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficient in using computer office software;
3. Good at self-management, communication, problem-solving skills, good negotiation skills, strong sense of responsibility, anti-compression;
4. Teamwork & Hard-working spirit;
5. Skilled computer network using is preferred.

Please send your Resume directly to: manager@biocropchem.com 


Senior pesticide foreign trade Supervisor

Job description:
1. Mainly engage in the international market analysis of pesticide, marketing and market development
2. Effectively develop the international market for pesticide business, and actively promote the international business cooperation
3. Assist foreign client to complete foreign pesticide registration and internal registration work;
4. Salary ranges from 4000-10000CNY + legal payment for social assurance;
5. Salary contains high commission and a variety of additional benefits

Job requirements:
1. Honest, hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, good communication, clear logical thinking and smooth communication skills.
2. Bachelor degree or above, prior to majors such as plant protection/agronomy/biology/chemical industry/international trade2 years’ foreign trade export experience. Must have the experience in the international trade of pesticide industry or fertilizer industry (not acceptable to those without experience in those fields)
3. English / Russian / Spanish / Arabic level 6 or the equivalent of level 6 or above, fluent foreign language listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, able to receive foreign clients independently and work independently abroad.
4. Familiar with all kinds of foreign-trade correspondence and documents (such as L/C, B/L, inquiries, etc.) and familiar with the process of foreign trade, capable to handle the orders independently and responsible for the whole process tracking of orders;
5. Willing to travel domestically and abroad for a short time, such as domestic and international exhibitions and various conferences related pesticide and visiting foreign customers. The one who can bring customer resources preferred.


Foreign trade documentation specialist

Job description:
1. Complete a set of documents and related documents, applications, etc. independently;
2. Coordinate with factory and shipping agent, follow up the process of storage, packing and shipment;
3. In charge of the preparation for the general trade export commodity inspection and customs declaration;
4. Responsible for the statistics and verify the relevant data, export documents and related documents filing;
5. Arrange transportation insurance and handle other specific affairs.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, English level CET-4, international economy, trade or other related major;
2. Familiar with the foreign trade process and the operation of various of documents, the one with tax refund experience and basic financial knowledge is preferred;
3. More than 2 years’ work experience in pesticide, chemical industry and foreign trade export documents is preferred;
4. Experienced in transport agent preferred, certificate of customs declaration or commodity inspection certificate preferred;
5. Proficiency in computer and office software;
6. Work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and team cooperation ability;
7. Prior to those married with children.



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