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Brazil imports of 2,4-D fell 20% in Q1 of 2017
Home » News » Industry Information » Brazil imports of 2,4-D fell 20% in Q1 of 2017

Brazil imports of 2,4-D fell 20% in Q1 of 2017

Views: 113     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-11-03      Origin: Site

Brazil imports of 2,4-D fell 20% in Q1 of 2017

Brazil imported approximately 11,100 tons of 2,4-D technical in the first quarter of 2017, according to a survey of the portal Global Agrochemicals. 


This represents a decline of at least 20%, compared with the same period of last year, when imports were pegged at 13,900 tons.


According to Global Agrochemicals’ staff, there was a significant alteration in the countries that bought the active ingredient this year: Austria was in first place, followed by China, Argentina, Poland, and India. Last year, the main importers (from largest to smallest in volume of purchases) were China, Argentina, Austria, India, and Poland.


“The main reason of this alteration was the reduction in the volume imported from these countries: 20% fall in China and Argentina, 13% in Poland, and 50% in India. The volume of Austria was stable. During the last months, Vietnam and Taiwan, announced they will ban the domestic use of 2,4-D. On the other hand, Europe announced the renewal of the license of the Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid for 15 years more,” said Global Agrochemicals.


Experts also pointed out that 2,4-D has been used as herbicides in several crops for over 70 years and it is one of the most studied pesticides and also one of the products with best understanding of the action in the market. This active ingredient, present in several products in the Brazilian market, has application in crops, such as wheat, corn, soybean, rice, oat, sorghum, sugarcane, and coffee.


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