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Brazil Ag Ministry Releases Agrochemical Priority List
Home » News » Industry Information » Brazil Ag Ministry Releases Agrochemical Priority List

Brazil Ag Ministry Releases Agrochemical Priority List

Views: 112     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-18      Origin: Site

Brazil Ag Ministry Releases Agrochemical Priority List

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply (MAPA) released, in April, its new List of Priorities for Registration and Amendment of Agrochemicals. According to MAPA, the objective is to prioritize the registration of agrochemicals for the control of crop plagues listed as having great economic importance, or those that have few available defense alternatives.
According to the Secretary of Defense for Agriculture, the criteria for choosing the molecules took into account the availability of active ingredients for each pest and crop. The selection process addressed technical and economic aspects, taking into account the need for pesticides with better efficiency for priority listed pests, and the need for rotation of use of the mechanisms of action for the resistance management of these pests, as well as the breach of monopoly in products in which the patent period and data ownership has closed.
The preparation of the list was discussed at two meetings of the Technical Advisory Committee for Agrochemicals, which took place on March 8 and April 3, 2019. "The entire process of establishing priority was attended by the representation of the producers, to identify and prioritize products that can really contribute decisively to pest control in Brazilian agriculture," said MAPA.
Registration companies and representatives of the productive sector may still file appeals of chemicals the list, if submitted by May 31, 2019.


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