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Benzonitrile (100-47-0)
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Benzonitrile (100-47-0)

CAS: 100-47-0
MW: 103.12
EINECS: 202-855-7

Product name Benzonitrile
Synonyms Phenyl cyanide
CAS NO. 100-47-0
Molecular formula C7H5N
Molecular weight 103.12
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Density  1.01 g/cm3
Boiling point 188-191 ºC
Water solubility 10 g/L (100 ºC)
Assay 98%+
Packing As requested
Application Phamaceutical Intermediates

Benzonitrile Usage And Synthesis
Chemical Properties colourless liquid
General Description A clear colorless liquid with an almond-like odor. Flash point 161°F. Denser (at 8.4 lb / gal) than water and slightly soluble in water. Used as a specialty solvent and to make other chemicals.
Air & Water Reactions Slightly soluble in water.
Reactivity Profile The cyano group can be readily hydrolyzed in the presence of mineral acids to produce stable, moderately toxic benzoic acid . When heated to decomposition, Benzonitrile emits highly toxic fumes of nitrogen oxides and hydrogen cyanide [Sax, 9th ed., 1996, p. 353].
Health Hazard Benzonitrile may enter the human body by ingestion, absorption through the skin, or inhalation. The earliest symptoms of cyano compound intoxication may be weakness, headaches, confusion, and occasionally nausea and vomiting. The respiratory rate and depth will usually be increased at the beginning and at later stages become slow and gasping. Blood pressure is usually normal, especially in the mild or moderately severe cases, although the pulse rate is usually more rapid than normal.
Fire Hazard Special Hazards of Combustion Products: Toxic hydrogen cyanide and oxides of nitrogen may form in fire.



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