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Bayer presents BioAct Prime for nematode control in Spain
Home » News » Industry Information » Bayer presents BioAct Prime for nematode control in Spain

Bayer presents BioAct Prime for nematode control in Spain

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Bayer presents BioAct Prime for nematode control in Spain

Bayer presented in Spain a new product called BioAct Prime (fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus strain 251) – the latest offering for the control of nematode on fruits and vegetables. The launch was on May 25, when Bayer organized the journey “BioAct Prime – Key to high-quality fruit and vegetable production”, which gathered in Almeira nearly 300 professionals in the sector to debate over the innovations being made for fruits and vegetables and contribute to achieving higher economic and environmental sustainability.
During the first block of the journey, Jordi Fullana, marketing head for horticultural crops at Bayer Iberia, explained that the new nematicide BioAct Prime “brings to our farmers a valid tool within the most popular models of production, in which modern agriculture is managed. It is a more flexible product, without residue, allowed also for ecological production, which will help build sustainable strategies in the control of nematodes”.
Xavier Sorribas, professor and researcher at the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, highlighted that problems emerge from the disappearance of fumigants, crop intensification and environmental conditions.
“The phytoparasites nematodes are a serious problem for agriculture in conditions that favor its development, and there are no antagonist organisms that are capable of regulating it. In certain soils, the organisms are abundant. The use of formulated products based on antagonists can contribute to regulating the population of nematodes, as they use the optimal form based on biological and ecological characteristics, and as part of strategies of integrated management,” he explained.
Josep Izquierdo, insecticide development chief at Bayer, stressed that without a good application quality, even the best product will fail those who employ it. “Bayer works to ensure the recommendations for use are the most adequate to optimize the work of innovative products such as BioAct."
Pablo García-Neto, head of Digital Services of Bayer’s Crop Science agricultural division, explained the new tool for the control of nematodes, Nematool, developed by the company. “Nematool is an innovative technology from Bayer used for the effective control of nematodes through an integral service for outdoor crops and greenhouse crops. The combination of a temperature probe and a mobile app gives real-time information about the generation of nematodes in the crop, along with automatic alerts about the first eggs of the following generation.”
Further, agricultural journalist José Antonio Arcos highlighted the key ideas that underlie the use of BioAct Prime. He emphasized the importance of application of new tools for its biological control to increase nematode mortality, ensure a new role for Nematool and its special adaptation in the south of the peninsula, its easy use and the capacity of the farmer to adapt to new technological advances.


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